I want to EXPLORE. To try NEW THINGS, set my OWN LIMITS, and see HOW FAR I CAN GO. I want to have HONEST CONVERSATIONS and active IMAGINATIONS. I want to create THINGS THAT MATTER.



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I'm Ding Xu, a designer born and raised in Shanghai, China. In 2014, I went to ChangGung University, Taipei, started my design study as an undergraduate.   2 years after that, I transferred to School of the Art Institute of Chicago to continue my study and completed my BFA degree. I'm currently living in Chicago.

Working at the intersection of woodworking design and product design, I've had the experience of cooperating with and making products for different groups of people. These include the white collar, kids, collage students and more. Beyond that, I also worked on UX design and interior design.

After graduating from SAIC, I’ve accumulated the design experiences in these three different cities, Shanghai, Taipei, and Chicago. I'm influenced by multiple design styles and also falling in love with geometric forms during these years.

I want to give my best to my future position and create THINGS THAT MATTER.  



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